dusseldorf airport transfer

Dusseldorf Airport Transfers

Dusseldorf airport is the fourth largest airport in Germany. Just to give you an idea, this airport alone handled nearly 8 million passengers just in 2021. This is a lot considering that we were living a pandemic during this year. In case you are arriving at Dusseldorf airport, you are probably wondering about the best Dusseldorf airport transfers.

Dusseldorf Airport Transfers

After all, you want to make sure that you know what you can expect before you actually get there. The good news about Dusseldorf airport transfers is that you have plenty of different options to choose from like taxi, train, bus, chauffeur, rent a car or even ride sharing.

Dusseldorf Airport Transfers by Bus

In case you are looking for a more affordable Dusseldorf airport transfer, you should consider taking the bus.

At Dusseldorf Airport, you can find two different bus stations. So, depending on where you want to go, you should choose one or the other.

The first bus station is located in front of the main Arrivals hall and the buses that stop here are:

– 721 to/from Tannenhof/Gothaer Weg via Düsseldorf main railway station
– 760 to/from Ratingen and Düsseldorf-Wittlaer-Bockum, Rosspfad
– SB51 to/from Kaarst-Rathaus via Nordfriedhof und Meerbusch
– 896 to/from trade fare centre Düsseldorf (only during fairs).

You can find the second bus station at the railway station Düsseldorf Flughafen. The buses that stop here are:

– 729 to/from Theodor-Heuss-Brücke (Düsseldorf-Golzheim)
– 759 to/from Ratingen-Ost
– 776 to/from Mercedesstraße (Düsseldorf-Derendorf)
– SB51 to/from Kaarst-Rathaus via Nordfriedhof, Meerbusch.

You should be able to buy the bus tickets inside the bus.

Please click on this link if you need more informations about Dusseldorf Airport.

Dusseldorf Airport Transfers by Train

In case you prefer to use the train as your Dusseldorf airport transfer, you also have two different options.

You can find the Düsseldorf Flughafen (Airport) train station on the east side of the airport grounds. More than 350 trains stop here so you have plenty of options no matter the time of day.

In case you prefer a different Dusseldorf airport transfer, you should consider taking the SkyTrain. As you can easily tell by its name, this is a train where you can get a panoramic view. This is why it is so used by tourists.

This fully automatic cabin railway will take you straight into the terminal from the station building. However, notice that only the S-Bahn S11 stops at the Düsseldorf Airport Terminal station in the basement of the terminal building. The S11 runs from Bergisch Gladbach via Düsseldorf central station to the airport.

This train is available every 5 to 7 minutes on a daily basis, between 3:45 a.m. to 0:45 a.m.

Dusseldorf Airport Transfers by Taxi

There’s no question that one of the favorite Dusseldorf airport transfers for most people is the taxi. After all, taxis are usually available at any airport and you don’t need to book one in advance.

This is exactly what happens at Dusseldorf airport. You can find a lot of taxis on the Arrivals and Departures level. One of the things that makes this airport a bit different is that the taxis should have the identifiable sticker “Airport Taxi”. This allows you to know that you’ll get an honest taxi driver not to mention some other perks.

When you take an “Airport Taxi”, you’ll be able to pay using a credit card or on account, the taxi driver will not only be polite as he should speak your language, the taxi includes a navigation system and all taxis should include a child’s booster seat of class 2 and 3.

As you can easily understand, the price of the journey depends on your final destination. However, there are some price guidelines you can consider:

– a journey to Düsseldorf city centre should take about 15 minutes and cost approximately 28 Euros.
– one journey to Messe Düsseldorf (Trade Fair Centre) should take about 10 minutes and cost approximately 20 Euros.
– a journey to Düsseldorf central station should take about 20 minutes and cost approximately 29 Euros.

Dusseldorf Airport Transfers by Chauffeur with Christian Transfers

From Dusseldorf Airport, Chistian Transfers operate cars like economic Saloon (WV Passat, Renault, Opel, Skoda Superb), economic Minivans (Mercedes Vito, Renault, Opel) or Executive Minivans (Mercedes Viano or Mercedes V Classe). Professional chauffeurs and All-inclusive fixed rates. Book a transfer to or from Airport with Chistian Transfers and get:

– Pickup inside the terminal,
– Fixed rates,
– Flight tracking,
– Free waiting time for 60 minutes.

The Dusseldorf airport transfer service includes meet and greet and flight monitoring. It is the most comfortable, stress-free travel option. We offer fixed price for transfers to and from Dusseldorf Airport into the city with a range of booking options.

You can quickly choose from some of the options below:

– please click this link if you need to get from Dusseldorf Airport to Dusseldorf by taxi or minivan,
– or this link if you need to know how to get from Dusseldorf Airport to Frankfurt by taxi or minivan.

As of 1st of January 2022 we updated the prices on transfers to and from Dusseldorf Airport. We are making these changes to help provide a reliable service for clients and our local contractors. From Dusseldorf Airport you can book private transfers with Christian Transfers to more than 250 destinations, like Dusseldorf, Koln, Amsterdam, Bonn, Brussels, Dortmund, Eindhoven, Frankfurt, Munich, Maastricht and more.

If you need to travel to or from other airports in Germany, you can book with Christian Transfers lots of reliable ground transportation local companies related to Berlin Airport Transfers, Stuttgart Airport Transfers, Frankfurt Airport Transfers and Munich Airport transfers.

Dusseldorf Airport Transfers By renting a car

In case you prefer to rent a car, this is also possible at the Dusseldorf airport. Here, you can find many different car rental companies like Avis, Buchbinder, Budget, Enterprise, Europcar, Hertz, and Sixt.

If you want to use this Dusseldorf airport transfer option, the best piece of advice that we can give you is to book your car in advance. Not only this will allow you to better compare the prices but it will also save you a lot of time.

Dusseldorf Airport Transfers By ridesharing

With more and more people looking for ridesharing companies, Dusseldorf airport already allows you to use this Dusseldorf airport transfer option.

At this moment, the only ridesharing company available at this airport is SHARE NOW (car2go, DriveNow). However, this isn’t the best thing since this is the largest and the most established car-sharing provider in Europe.

To get to know the prices, you should use their app.

How to get from Dusseldorf Airport to Koln

A lot of passengers that arrive at Dusseldorf Airport are headed to Koln. If this is your case and you’re looking for how to get from Dusseldorf airport to Koln, you have many different alternatives. You can travel by taxi, chauffeur service, train or by ride sharing.

If you’re not tight on time, you can get to Koln by train. It should only take between 1 hour and one hour and a half, depending on the train that you choose. You can expect to pay between 9 to 16 euros per ticket.

If you decided for chauffeur service and wanna book a car in advance you’ll avoid any price fluctuation from trains peak hours for ride sharing. please follow the link below to see how to get from Dusseldorf Airport to Koln by private taxi or minivan. Christian Transfers offers options like private taxis and private minivans with economy cars.

In case you prefer, you can also get from Dusseldorf airport to Koln by car. In fact, if you already rented a vehicle at the airport, you can be in Koln in just 40 minutes.

If you want to ride by car but don’t want to drive, you can get to Koln by taxi as well. However, it’s worth noting that this journey should be a bit expensive. You can expect to pay between 135 and 160 Euros.

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