Prepaid sim card in Bulgaria

Prepaid Sim Card in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is becoming a more and more popular destination. After all, it is incredibly inexpensive not to mention that it has a lot to offer. From national attractions to beaches and nature, this country certainly deserves a visit.

Prepaid Sim Card in Bulgaria

If you are planning a trip to Bulgaria, you should consider getting a prepaid sim card in Bulgaria. The truth is that by doing so, you will be always reachable.

Prepaid sim card in Bulgaria

Before you even get to Bulgaria, it’s important that you know that connection tends to be pretty good in big cities. However, in case you are heading to remote areas, you may face some problems getting a decent connection.

Where you should buy a travel sim card in Bulgaria

While you can buy a travel SIM card before you leave home, it is better to buy one when you arrive in Bulgaria. Notice that you can buy a prepaid sim card directly at the airport as soon as you arrive. Nevertheless, it will be more expensive. So, you should rather buy one in phone shops, street vendors, and kiosks.

One of the things that you need to keep in mind when you want to buy a prepaid sim card in Bulgaria is that you need to have your passport with you.

The best prepaid sim card in Bulgaria

Overall speaking, there are four main phone operators in Bulgaria: A1 Bulgaria (formerly Mtel), Telenor (formerly GloBul), Vivacom Bulgaria, and Bulgaria (formerly Max Telecom). In terms of coverage, all operators are very similar except for the last one which is only 4G/LTE. So, it all comes down to the features each one offers as well as their prices.

#1: A1 Bulgaria sim card:

In case you opt to buy a SIM card from A1 Bulgaria, you have four different packs available: 6 BGN, 15 BGN, 25 BGN & 40/50 BGN. They are all valid for 30 days and you can easily compare their prices at the A1 Bulgaria website directly.

#2: Telenor sim card:

Telenor is the second-largest phone operator in Bulgaria. This means that this company also offers competitive sim card packages for tourists. Some of the best sim card deals you can get are:

– 15 BGN with 15 GB data valid 15 days

– 30 BGN with 30 GB data valid 30 days

– 6 BGN with 1.5 GB data only in Bulgaria and 30 minutes calls valid 7 days

– 10 BGN with 2 GB data valid 7 days

– 20 BGN with 3 GB data valid 30 days

– 50 BGN with 10 GB data valid 30 days.

The best option depends on how much time you’re planning to stay in Bulgaria as well as on how much data you need.

#3: Vivacom:

While Vivacom is the third phone operator in the country, it still offers some good deals in terms of sim cards. The company offers three main starter packs: 7 BGN, 8 BGN, and 20 BGN. Notice that Vivacom also has a prepaid sim card for 15 BGN with 15 GB data valid for 30 days. However, in this particular case, roaming is blocked which means that it will only work in Bulgaria.

#4: Bulgaria sim card:

While you may also consider getting your prepaid sim card in Bulgaria from Bulgaria, you only have one option. You can get one for free but you need to buy a plan for a minimum of 20 BGN.

When compared with the other operators in Bulgaria, a Bulgaria travel sim card is the worst option not only in terms of price but also in terms of coverage.

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