Prepaid sim card in Hungary

Prepaid Sim Card in Hungary

If Hungary is your next travel destination, you want to make sure that you buy a prepaid sim card in Hungary.

Prepaid Sim Card in Hungary

The truth is that this central European country is attracting more and more tourists each year. Not only the country is filled with history as Budapest, the capital, claims to be the number one nightlife destination in Europe.

Main mobile operators in Hungary

There are three main mobile operators in the country: Magyar Telekom (a.k.a Telekom, formerly T-Mobile/Westel), Telenor Hungary (formerly Pannon, partly state-owned), and Vodafone Hungary. Each one of these companies offers prepaid sim cards.

Where to buy a travel sim card in Hungary

When you are looking to buy a travel sim card in Hungary, you’ll be happy to know that they are available in many different places. From being sold in big supermarkets like Auchan and Tesco, you can also find them in service stations, for example.

Keep in mind that you need to have your photo ID with you. Besides, you will also need to sign some papers, according to Hungarian legislation.

Best prepaid sim card in Hungary

As we already mentioned above, the 3 main phone operators in Hungary are Magyar Telekom, Telenor, and Vodafone. In terms of coverage, they are very similar. However, while Telekom Hungary is the largest phone operator, Vodafone Hungary is the one that offers the best data packages.

# Vodafone Hungary sim card:

As we mentioned above, Vodafone Hungary is the operator that has the best prices in terms of prepaid sim cards. You can get a cheaper one for 2590 HUF with 5 GB data, an intermediate one for 4500 HUF with 10 GB data, or you can get the most expensive prepaid sim card for only 8000 HUF with 50 GB data. All packages can be used in Europe and are valid for 30 days.

# Magyar Telekom sim card:

Magyar Telekom has many different prepaid sim cards available for tourists. The most affordable one starts at 990 HUF and comes with 500 MB data and 40 domestic minutes. Then, you have the 1990 HUF with 1 GB data and 80 domestic mins.

However, the best package you can get is for 9900 HUF with 20 GB of data valid for 30 days. In case you want to get even more data, you may choose the 1650 HUF with 1 GB data or the 3550 HUF with 4 GB data and unlimited minutes.

# Telenor Hungary sim card:

In what comes to Telenor Hungary, the company also has good offers in terms of prepaid sim cards. You can get one for 450 HUF without credit or you may prefer to spend a bit more. You may choose to get a sim card for 2500 HUF with 3 GB data or one for 3500 HUF with 5 GB data valid 30 days which is less than 10 euros.

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