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Taxi Apps in Barcelona

Barcelona is not only a big city; it is also a beautiful city that attracts both tourists and investors from all over the world. However, whenever you visit a new city, you need to know how you can move from one place to the other with ease. This is why you need to know the best taxi apps in Barcelona.

Taxi Apps in Barcelona

After all, while you may prefer to use public transportation, rent a car, or even a bike, riding a taxi is much better.

These Are the Best Taxi Apps in Barcelona

NTaxi, Free Now, Cabify, Uber

#1: Cabify:

One of the best taxi apps in Barcelona is, without any question, Cabify. While you probably don’t know, by using Cabify, you’ll actually be helping Barcelona since the company was founded here back in 2011.

Known for its spacious and clean vehicles and its fully licensed clack car fleet, Cabify allows you to personalize your journey more than any other app.

One of the reasons why Cabify is so popular is that its drivers are simply incredible. They are always punctual, cordial, and extremely reliable. Besides, you will also like to know that you will also be entitled to free wifi and a bottle of water on every journey.

The Cabify app is available on both iOS and Android.

#2: Free Now:

Free Now is an incredibly popular taxi app in Spain and Barcelona isn’t an exception. Since Uber isn’t available here, many people tend to turn to Free Now. After all, they have plenty of taxis available in the entire city and they can pick you up pretty fast.

Using the Free Now app is incredibly easy. After all, you just need to enter your destination and boon a taxi near you. You can then keep track of the taxi until it arrives. As you reach your destination, you can easily pay your fare through the app.

The Free Now app is available on both iOS and Android.

#3: NTaxi:

In Barcelona, you aren’t required to book a taxi. You may simply look for one while you are walking on the street. However, you won’t know the taxi driver or the company. And if you need a taxi during rush hour or late in the night, it may be a better idea to use a taxi app like NTaxi.

Unlike other taxi apps, NTaxi only employs legal drivers not to mention that it is a Spanish company.

Overall speaking, using this app is also very easy and intuitive. After all, you can book a taxi with a couple of clicks on your smartphone. You can then look at your previous bookings and you’ll have access to an estimate of the fare you’ll need to pay. And speaking of payments, you can pay your fare using your bank card.

The NTaxi app is available on both iOS and Android.

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