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Taxi apps in Belgrade

No matter if you are heading to Belgrade, Serbia for business or leisure, you need to understand that taxis are a very special industry in this country. Since the city lacks taxi stations and it has huge traffic jams, the Serbian government limits the number of taxis available in the city. This is why you still don’t have many options in what concerns taxi apps in Belgrade. Uber, for example, is not available yet. However, there are already some taxi apps in Belgrade that you can take advantage of.

The best taxi apps in Belgrade

Taxi apps in Belgrade

Naxis taxi, Bolt, Yandex

#1: Naxis Taxi:

One of the most popular taxi apps in Belgrade is Naxis Taxi. As a local company, by using this app, you’ll b supporting the local community which is always a good thing.

The Naxis taxi app is very simple to use and you shouldn’t have any problems booking a ride. The best part is that rates are fixed and all drivers speak English. So, you don’t need to turn to gestures to explain where you are heading to. In addition, you can pay using a credit card instead of using cash.

One of the good things about this app is that you can book a traditional ride or you can hire a driver for a day trip out of the city.

It will only take you two taps on the app to book a ride. Since all drivers have a GPS, they will easily find you. You will also be able to know exactly where your vehicle is at any moment.

The Naxis Taxi app is available on both iOS and Android.

#2: Bolt:

If you prefer to use a bigger taxi app, then you may opt for Bolt.

As one of the most popular apps in Europe, the Bolt app is extremely easy to use and is available in Belgrade. Just show where you are and pick your destination place. You will not only be able to see how much time the vehicle will take to pick you up as you can get an estimate of the fare as well.

The Bolt app is available on both iOS and Android.

#3: Yandex:

Another popular taxi app that you can use in Belgrade is Yandex.

The Yandex app uses its own mapping, routing, and navigation technologies to ensure its drivers can pick you up no matter where you are and take you to your destination fast and in a secure way. As a result, you will get a low fare which is always good news.

In case you’re using the Yandex app, you will also be able to choose the vehicle to pick you up. You can choose the Economy, the Comfort, Comfort+, or even the Business.

When it comes to paying for the ride, you can simply pay using the app as long as you added your card there. In case you prefer, you can also pay in cash.

One of the best things about using this taxi app is that you can book a ride with multiple destinations. For example, you may b haded into a business meeting but you want to make a stop to leave your family somewhere or to pick someone along the way.

The Yandex app is available on both iOS and Android.

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