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Taxi apps in Bucharest

If you are considering traveling to Romanian’s capital Bucharest, you want to ensure that you know the best taxi apps in Bucharest. Especially if this is the first time you’re going to this European capital, it is normal that you want to discover the safest ways to move. Obviously, a taxi app is definitely a good option. So, let’s take a look at the taxi apps that are available in Bucharest.

Taxi apps in Bucharest

We can consider the followings: Uber, Bolt, Star Taxi, Free Now, Black Cab.

#1: Uber:

Without needing many explanations, Uber is present in Bucharest and it certainly is considered one of the taxi apps in Bucharest.

Between moving around the city to booking a Henri Coandă International Airport pickup, Uber covers your back.

Within the app, you can not only book your ride as you can see where the vehicle is and even get a fare estimate before you get into the vehicle. You may also choose the vehicle that you want to pick you up as in any other city.

Security isn’t also a problem for Uber. After all, you have emergency assistance, GPS tracking, and 24/7 support.

The Uber app is available on both iOS and Android.

#2: Bolt:

Uber is not the only well-known taxi app in Bucharest. After all, you can also use Bolt.

Simply put, no matter where you are in Bucharest, Bolt has always a ride near you.

As one of the most popular taxi apps in Bucharest, you can easily book a low-cost ride with Bolt and expect a fast arrival. Available 24/7, all Bolt rides in Europe ate 100% carbon-neutral.

On top of this all, you will always know the price of your ride before you order.

The Bolt app is available on both iOS and Android.

#3: Star Taxi:

Bucharest has so much to see that you just don’t want to waste time calling a taxi. A much better approach is to use the Star Taxi app.

Simply put, with the Star Taxi app, you will get to book a taxi in a fast, simple, ad convenient way. After all, as soon as enter the app, it will immediately locate you. So, as soon as your address is confirmed, your driver will be on your way to pick you up. You’ll even be able to see it in real-time on the app’s map.

One of the best things about using the Star Taxi app is that you will be safe and secure. All drivers are certified and you’ll get all the details about the driver that you need to identify him. Between his identity to the car indicative, the tariff, and even his profile picture. In case you want, you can also check the driver’s reviews left by others.

The Star Taxi app is available on both iOS and Android.

#4: Free Now:

The last taxi app in Bucharest we want to tell you about is Free Now.

Free Now, is a mobility service provider headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Free Now have had acquire Beat and formerly Clever (from Romania), Hive and Kapten, which rebranded to Free Now.

Overall speaking, with the Free Now app, you just need to enter your pickup point and time, choose the vehicle you want to pick you up, verify all the details and choose your favorite payment method. When the time comes, your Free Now driver will be waiting for you.

Free Now use to be known as Hailo or MyTaxi and they took over to Clever app from Romania.

The Free Now app is available on both iOS and Android.

#5: BlackCab Romania

Our application allows you to instantly book your Black Cab from Bucharest to any destination for ASAP jobs, or to pre-book your ride as per your desire – Blackcab.

Operating since 2011, BlackCab Systems srl is a leading Romanian provider of mobility services delivering B2B and B2C professional private transportation. In terms of the vehicles, you can choose within the categories Economy, Business, and First Class.

BlackCab is a 500 car fleet (and growing), operating in. Bucharest, Romania with a focus on providing a luxurious chauffeur service.

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